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My Story

Meet TSAOA's Founder

Sharon McLaurin

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The Shepherds Angels On Assignment Outreach

Today has been a day of reflection. Not often do I get to share my story but today I had the privilege of sharing my journey with a friend and a sister. As I began to share my story of domestic violence I realized how invisible and mute I felt. Many of you know that I was abused. And like many I kept my story to myself for years. In fact, my story is often told in pieces because the pain of it can only be bared one piece at a time.


The pain of domestic violence destroys lives. It chains you to a life of emotional and physical abuse often making you feel invisible, muted and misunderstood.



My journey to freedom has given birth to The Shepherds Angels On Assignment Outreach. The Shepherds Angels On Assignment Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps women and children.

Our mission is to provide new resources to the victims of domestic violence that reside in low to moderate income communities. We provide new mattresses, sheets, pillows, blankets, toiletries and other much needed items for women and children displaced due to domestic violence.


Today, as I retell my story I decided to reach out to you. There has been so many women that have been hurt and battered. They have been shackled with this invisible chain. We are asking you to help us make a visible change for the women that have been invisibly chained by domestic violence.
Over the past 14 years we have had the opportunity to give many women their voice back, but there are many many more women that need help.We have brought to light a noticeable change to women that have been invisibly chained and our desire is to
reach more. The Bible says love is gentle, love is kind.


Will you so kindly donate? Every bit helps and together we can make a
difference. Thank you so much for your generosity.
Author Sharon McLaurin

With these wings we shall fly above all adversity against women and children” TSAOAO

But GOD!

" It's the outcome that matters."
  Author Sharon McLaurin
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